Individual Adult Psychotherapy

You Already Know What You Need

As an aspect of nature you possess an innate ability to heal yourself. You may come to therapy with specific intentions and ideas for change, but you may not know how to begin. I believe there is a part of you that already knows what you need. I want to help you awaken natural strengths and inherent wisdom using collaborative, exploratory methods that feel safe and gently challenge you.

Starting Where You Are

Right now you may be feeling overwhelmed, out of control, or anxious about your life. Maybe you’re lonely, lost, or struggling with low self-esteem. Or maybe you just want relief, and you’re not sure what from? Every difficult moment you experience is a reminder of your own potential; a clue about where we can look for the healthy you that you’re seeking. Regardless of the frame of mind or circumstance you find yourself in, I accept and respect it as the starting place for our work together.

 Living Without Delusions

Sometimes symptoms are a sign that you are stuck in the illusion that something is wrong with you, so it feels as though you’re alone, worthless, or incapable of being loved. Depression may have caused you to lack confidence in your ability to get what you need. Anxiety may have caused you to forget your unique purpose. I would like to help you remember the real truth about who you are. You were born with certain traits, soul urges, wants and desires that may need help gaining full expression. By working with your vulnerabilities and insecurities, my goal is to help you grow from experiencing yourself as flawed into experiencing yourself as whole and connected.

 Working Together

Effective therapy depends upon the quality of our relationship. During our work together I will check in with you frequently to understand how you feel about the therapy process and how it feels for you to work with me. Because the therapeutic relationship is itself a basis for healing, it should feel secure and collaborative, and continuously oriented to your personal objectives and experience. I bring steadiness, compassion and curiosity to the process of helping you. My style is relational and interactive.


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