Couple Therapy

Love is Worth the Risk

Love and connection with others are so essential to our well being that many will take huge risks to get it. But relationships don’t always come easily. I offer couple therapy to help you learn how to be in a loving relationship which allows room for both of you to experience your unique selves. I offer counseling to same-sex and opposite-sex couples who are dating, married, separating, and yes, even divorcing. Counseling can help during any phase of a relationship whether it’s beginning or concluding.

How to be Vulnerable in Love

Many people want deep intimacy, but are cautious because of painful past relationships. You may not feel safe being vulnerable even though you love your partner. You may want to know how you can move from self-protection to taking the kind that will change your experience of your relationship. How can you get there? I work with couples just like you who want to explore trust issues and become more open and authentic in your relationship.

Trust is to be developed. I will encourage both of you to share your personal relationship history; and when safe, to share any fears about your current relationship. I will ask you to verbalize what you love about your partner and what attracted you in the first place. In our work I will encourage you to practice personal integrity within the relationship, such as honoring agreements, following through, apologizing, deep listening and the importance of repairing mistakes.

Relationship and Self

Being in a relationship does not require that you give up your independence or your uniqueness. In fact, I believe that maintaining a strong sense of self is essential to the health of your relationship. Independence increases attraction.  Celebrate your differences!  They can bring you closer!

Keeping Intimacy Alive in Committed Relationships

Sexual intimacy takes time, care, planning and intention. You can learn to invite the alchemical mystery rather than waiting for the lightening to strike. If you have been in a relationship for a number of years you and your partner have undoubtedly changed as people and so have your erotic preferences. I can help you find new balance points between safety and risk, adventure and security. I can help you become more aware of your bodies, your preferences and natural responses.

Team Work

When providing couple’s therapy it is important that I support the relationship by giving balanced attention to each of you. I offer a safe environment where the needs of you and your partner will be addressed within the context of the relationship. I will help the two of you formulate equitable goals. The starting point and direction of our work will develop from the stage of your relationship and the values of you and your partner.


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