Whatever it is that brings you here, welcome.

Holistic psychotherapy for individuals and couples

Whether you’re experiencing acute emotional pain or seeking meaning and greater awareness, I can help. I serve adult individuals and couples seeking self-acceptance and positive change.

As a guide in the therapeutic process I am committed to your unique unfolding. I work holistically to help you discover what is important for your healing, integration and personal fulfillment. Holistic psychotherapy achieves balance by addressing your body, mind, spirit and shadow. Depending on your individual concerns and preferences, we may work to address your thought patterns and behaviors, attachment style and ways of connecting to others, unconscious material, health habits, and most likely several of these. At the heart of my work is consistent, positive affirmation of you, the client.

Wisdom and Strength

People come to therapy for many different reasons. You may be in despair or lacking hope about the future. You may be suffering from anxiety and panic related to an unresolved trauma. You could be seeking support through a challenging situation. You may have already found personal transformation and healing through psychotherapy or other means, and want to go farther. Perhaps you’re simply curious about yourself. This work is for those who want to feel strengthened, be supported, and experience a deeper, more conscious awareness of self.

Even if you are hurting or feel separated from yourself and others, inside you now is a deep source of wisdom and strength. I will assist you in bringing unknown aspects of yourself or your relationship, into everyday awareness. Learning to recognize, trust and attend to your unconscious self can be a source of great renewal.

My Office

I serve all clients as individuals, without regard to any group notions of gender, gender identification, age, ethnicity or sexual preference.

My office is located in the Midtown Sacramento with convenient access to buses, light rail, and highways.